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PILATES Mix Dance & Chill out Sessions 10 tracks of chilled out and dance rhythms written for Pilates.                                                

Pilates rebalances the body through breathing stretching and toning. These tracks have been specially created to cater for all types of Pilates methods allowing you to breathe relax and focus your mind and body. As the session progresses the tempo increases to suit the movements.
Its music for the way you do Pilates, for mat work and/or studio work creating a relaxing or energising session.

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  Chill out ::    
1. Emotion Potion Celtic Conspiracy etheareal soundscape
2. Missing- Celtic Conspiracy sensual piano groove with electro
3. Pavane (Faure) - Ethereal Chill classical hypnotic vox
4. Established Aer Celtic Conspiracy elevating harp and strings
5. Logout - Layers of Sound funky laid back breaks
  Dance ::    
6. California - Layers of Sound sun kissed, cruising vibe
7. French Onion - E.C. Niv continental electro funk
8. Hydorelecfunk - E.C. Niv house with electric sub-vibes
9. Mysterious Chinaman Subsonique gothic sub-tech
10. Celestial Grinder Celtic Conspiracy passionate euro-beats
11. Emotion Potion-Remix Celtic Conspiracy etheareal soundscape